Hungerford Overseer’s papers 1654-1834


Berkshire Record Society Volume 27 is a calendar of nearly a thousand poor law cases papers together with other papers relating to attorney bills, and extracts of vestry business, overseer’s accounts and Quarter Sessions order books.

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This volume comprises nearly one thousand surviving old poor law case papers (examinations, removal orders, apprenticeship indentures, bastardy papers and miscellaneous other items), supplemented by extracts from the standing committee of the vestry, overseers’ accounts, and Quarter Sessions order books. Also included is a full transcript of a remarkable series of some thirty itemised bills from the Hungerford attorneys who dealt with the parish’s legal business, with valuable and detailed evidence about the cases for which they were engaged. Altogether, these records provide a very rich source for studying the old poor law in this west Berkshire parish. Many hundreds of people appear in these papers, and the volume is completed with comprehensive indexes to personal names, places and occupations.

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