Berkshire FHS Data Downloads Help

Having problems with your data download? Don't worry, we're here to help. Just follow the steps below

Four steps to success

# 1  Order data downloads separately from physical goods.  Mixing them will delay access to the downloads

#2  Make sure you enter your email address correctly at checkout.  It will be the download file password

#3  Downloads can be accessed immediately from the order confirmation screen at the end of the buying process.  Don’t close it too quickly!

#4  You will receive an email confirming the download info.  Allow 30 minutes for it to arrive before contacting us

#1 The quickest way: after you complete your order you will receive an on screen confirmation that will contain links to your downloads and the password you need to open them (this will be the email address you used to place the order.)  Please look out for this screen – don’t close it too quickly!

#2 After your order is complete you will receive and email confirmation that also contains links tro your downloads and the password.  Email is not immediate – please allow up to 30 minutes for it to arrive.

There could be various reasons for this

#1  Did you enter your email address correctly?

#2  Is the email in your spam folder?

#3 Have you allowed 30 minutes?  Email is a store-and-forward system – it isn’t realtime – so it can take time to arrive.  Email is delivered by third parties over who we have no control.  Sorry!

#4  Are you sure you didn’t place the order using an alternate email address?  Check your other inboxes.

If you’ve checked all the above, use the contact from below to request help

It’s the email address you used to order the downloads.  Are you sure you’re using the correct email address? 

I get an error message that the link has expired

For security purposes, all download links expire after a set period, to limit the chance of data getting into the wrong hands.  If you receive this error, please go to the section “I’ve tried everything.  What next?”

I can’t get past the password prompt

The password is the email address you used to purchase the download.  Have you changed your email adress since you bought the download?  If so, you need to use the old email address.

I upgraded my computer since I bought the download

Reader problem following upgrade

We recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the files, not the built-in reader in your computer’s operating system or browser. Did you install Adobe Acrobat reader on the new computer?  If not, please get your free download here and install it

Lost file problem following upgrade

Did you copy over the file from your old computer?  If you did it should open without a problem.  If you didn’t, do you still have the old computer and can you copy the file now?

If you have completed all the steps above, please complete this contact form.  While you’re waiting for a response, please read the next item “Why do I need to reorder?”:

If you’ve tried everything else and have requested our help, it’s quite likely that we will have to ask you to reorder the items using a discount code that we’ll give you to reduce the purchase price to zero.    Please don’t reorder until we’ve issued the coupon code or you will pay twice

Why do we do this?

When you order a data download an encrypted file is created that is indelibly linked to that order and that email address.

For example, a common problem is that an incorrect email address was used.  We could reissue the email to the correct address but the password embedded in the file will be the incorrect one.  It cannot be changed and this will cause problems down the line.

Reordering is the practicable solution.